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Dear Friends and Fans,

we hope you are all well!


Due to unexpected changes in Kastell Windsor and within the team we have to tell you that we will not be able to run the festival as we did the last five years. We are very sorry about this but our capacities and the financial situation don´t look good right now and if we carried on like this it wouldn´t feel good and fair on us as well as on many others...
new ways are waiting to be followed but we still have to let these ways grow and develop, we won´t make it until end of July, so we came to this decision!
We do want to concentrate on the essence of the last years - the beautiful time we shared together full of peace, love and light! Therefore we have decided to turn the festival into a gathering this year to minimize the organisation and costs but to still give all of us the opportunity to come together in beautiful Kastell Windsor! We don´t know yet how everything will go but we will let you all know soon! So far we know that we will put up a stage and a small PA, so whowever likes to make music for the gathering is welcome to do so. It will be very free this year, let´s see what it brings - only good stuff anyway ;-)


happy welcome to the family gathering!!!

As mentioned above, we will let you know any further details about how it will be this year as soon as we have worked them out or if you have any suggestions, please share them with us also for the upcoming years!!!



Joy, love and light and thank you for your understanding,

the Festival Team